Cute, decentralized, and forever inscribed,Gnomes arrived to all the most popular BlockChains.

Welcome to GnomeLand, an indie MultiChain Game leveraging Uniswap concentrated LPs and implementing an experimental protocol owned liquidity with our liquid NFTs!

GnomeLand Gameplay

Mint your Gnome

By minting your Gnome from the Treasury at a discount, your minting fee will be automaticly added to a concentrated liquidity position on the GNOME/WETH pair.This will create buy pressure and strengthen gnome liquidity


The objective of the game is simple: Keep your Gnome Happy! To do this you must feed your Gnome and play with him! Diferent food types will have effects on the metadata of your Gnome!


To increase your experience points and climb on GnomeLand leaderboard you need to Boop other gnomes. This action will take your booping fee and generate volume and rewards to the LP providers on $GNOME


2023 Q4

2024 Q1

2024 Q2

2024 Q3

2024 Q4

  • Deploy Gnomes on several EVM Blockchains

    • Ethereum
    • Arbitrum
    • Base
    • Optimism
  • Using Layer0 to bridge across the most popular EVMs
  • Start Community Building
  • Community Expansion to non EVM

    • Solana
  • Development of our Gamming Contracts

    • Gnomes ERC404
    • Gnome Factory
    • Gnome Booper
    • Gnome Feeder
  • GnomeLand Game Launch

    • ERC404 UniV3 Pool Creation
    • Opening of the GnomeFactory
    • Strategic Partnership Announcement
  • Expansion towards a Mobile PWA

    • Mobile App Gnome Gamification
    • Mobile App Gnome Gamification
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Community Drives $GNOME

Gnomes are supported, utilized, managed, and financed by the community.

An experimental take on Protocol Owned Liquidity through Liquid NFTs.

Be part of this on-chain experiment